This week I have been busy working on some backend items, along with a secret project ;), but I did get a chance to take care of some annoying bugs and add a large line of new cockpits to the game!

This new line of cockpits covers all the cockpit types, from light, medium, and heavy, and even adds a new type called Attacker.

The attacker type cockpit focuses on having decent armor, but maintaining a large amount of weapon groups and attach points. The Dragon class cockpit boasts an impressive 5 full weapon groups, along with 7! ideal weapon attach points (not including the rear facing attach point). This makes it a great choice for boating machine guns or assault rifles, or any other weapons you prefer. 

As for the bug fixes, these were the primary 'gameplay' offenders and they have been squashed.

No Man's Pass V2 : The map would not contain all the data. This was hard to trackdown, as it seemed to have happened randomly after making some geometry changes. After many attempts and trials, I tracked the issue down to the Occlusion Culling system in that level. They system was preventing some geometry from being displayed to the map camera. This is now fixed.

Spectating a dying player in multiplayer can cause the screen to freeze: This one was easier to track down but harder to fix. It only happens in multiplayer and was due to a race condition [things not happening in the right order]. The camera would be attached to the player your were watching, and it should have been removed and attached to a new player on death. However, what was actually happening was the player was removed [along with your camera!] and then the camera would try to move and error out, because there was no camera. I rewrote the system with better checks in place, but also in a way that your camera is never attached. This means that even in a failure case, you will be spectating in the spot the player died, but will still be able to switch to a new player.

That is it for this week! Swing back next week for more updates! 

Posted on November 19, 2014

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What is DSMF? Well, a long time ago, there was a piece of concept art, with these initials on the cockpit. Much speculation was had on what they mean, but it was not quite ready to be revealed.

Well today, it is ready! DSMF, or Dynamic Systems Manufacturing, is the next part manufacturer!

Back story:

As adoption of MMV [Modular Mining Vehicles] became more wide spread, it was DSMF that first created a system solely targeted at earth based military use. They were called M.A.V.'s, or modular assault vehicles. However, since they were designed for earth useage, they are a little more clunky than machines that were designed for Europa usage. They are very robust fighting parts, and their weapons pack quite the punch. Combined with their lower cost, they are a good 'bang' for the buck.


But, that is not all the news for today!

There is also a new snapshot build, 0.5.20_21 which includes various fixes along with one long awaited feature. If you were an Alpha Member that also backed the Kickstarter at a high enough level to get the Kickstarter camo pattern, please contact me [through Kickstarter please] with your Alpha member username and I will add the pattern to your account.

This also means the base system for having unlocks and special reward parts is in place! This is a very basic system right now, but it a generic system, meaning it can be used for camo, parts, achievements, in-game titles, special parts, or pretty much anything else.

Full changelog below:

* Speed calculations for energy use were incorrect. They have been fixed.
* Made excess energy have a bigger speed bonus [Also means a bigger reduction if your generator is blown off]
* Fixed Wheels having duplicated part names
* Fixed Arena mode spawn in No Mans Pass v2 that spawned you in a rock
* Switched order of Save and Load buttons in Garage
* Added 'misclick' buffer space on buttons in garage
* Added system for Unlocks tied to account, instead of only account level unlocks
* Round timer UI is visible again
* Spawning into other MAV's has been corrected. Spawns are checked for enemies and random offsets are applied.

 See you next week!

Posted on November 12, 2014

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Welcome to another State of the Game!

Remember this concept? 


Well, one of those parts have made it into the game!


Introducing in snapshot 0.5.20_19 [available now] there are several new hexapod class mobility platforms.

What makes them unique? They are the slow, mobile fortresses you would expect. carrying extreme loads, and having unrivaled stability, they make excellent mobile gun platforms for very high recoil weapons. Whether you want to load up with 10 howitzers or go all out with snipers, this is the platform for you. Be careful though, they are slow. And they are big, making them a great target. Also, all those moving parts are hard to armor, so they don't have the greatest health. If you are looking to absorb a ton of damage, the tank treads will still be your best bet. However, all those legs have a benefit over just stability. They make for very quick turns and some impressive climbing ability. They do take quite some energy to power them though, so watch your generators!

Other changes in the snapshot:

* AI will now use Hovers and Hexapods
* AI will properly utilize the new max load of reverse joints
* AI will try to equip ComSys parts and fulfill the commander role
* Team AI will try to field an AI commander if there is not one on the Team. It is not 100%.
* Tank legs were re-tuned. Lower overall load limit, stats push more to health and medium speed.
* Biped damaged speed was reduced. Critical damage now reduces top speed to 50% instead of 75%
* Fixed bug which caused the hover parts to be duplicated
* Fixed bug that removed the 3rd ComSys part

That is all for this week! I will see you next week! 

Posted on November 5, 2014

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Another week, another State of the Game!

 This week I was working on some secret parts! In the newest Snapshot build [0.5.20_18, available now] you can check out the all new Hover legs! 

I know, the long awaited, always denied that they would exists, hover legs have finally made it into the game. And with this new addition, that means that the wheel legs no longer have to fulfill such a large role. So, with this update, there has been quite a few balance tweaks. 

First, lets look at the hovers:

The hover type legs are the fastest legs in M.A.V. [even faster than the old wheels!] but trade this speed for very low load capacity and low part health. Also, since they hover, they don't have that great of stability or aim stability, so watch out for high impact shots and large recoil forces. They do counteract these drawbacks by having a higher than normal cockpit rotation speed and the do not suffer from fall damage [not implemented yet].

All in all, they are the perfect scout platform and can harass from a distance very well. A hover with some flamers makes for a great sniper cooker as well ;)



As for the rest of the changes, read below:

* Added Hover Legs
* Fixed wheel legs floating through the air bug
* Reduced top speed of wheels
* Increased turn rate of wheels
* Increased acceleration and braking of wheels
* Increased base health of reverse joint legs
* Fixed 'damaged' AlienFX lights triggering when being healed
* Added healing AlienFX lights


Posted on October 29, 2014

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Welcome back for another State of the Game!

This week, I actually took a small vacation! It's crazy, I know, but I went up to the Texas State Fair [even with all the Ebola scare!]. I have lived in Texas a long time, but had never been. I did enjoy it, but think it will be the one and only time I go, haha.

Also, on Sunday RestfulSHADOZ, LegacyElite84, and Sergedavid invited me to join them for the M.A.V. podcast #4. It was a great time, and if you missed it, you can check it out on youtube below

 I have continued to make some minor fixes and my work on new models is going to continue this week as well. Sometime this week, there should be an update with at least 1 new part in it. I also hope to add some additional functionality to the CommSys parts, which should aid team work in Siege mode games.

That is all for this week! See you soon! 

Posted on October 22, 2014

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