Great news, M.A.V. has been approved for release on Steam Early Access! The release date has been set for May 1st! You can see it right here!  ( Note: The release date may say May 2nd, depending on your time zone).

Now, for the big question, I have already started the process of getting steam keys for people that already own the game.  I am still working on the best process that will allow me to give them to you, but I will likely tie them to your M.A.V. account and make it viewable just like a gift code would be.

So, other that Steam, what have I been doing?

Well, I been very busy working on the Commander update. I did find some time to work on new camo patterns, which will be available in the next snapshot update. Also, I made a video!

I have also been tracking down various bugs that affect the new player experience. 

For the Commander Update, I am currently focused on getting the Map view polished up. This means completely redoing the way the map works, not only for the commanders but everyone. The new Map system will be much more flexible and allow me to add new features at a much faster rate. Unfortunately that comes at the cost of having to rebuild the system. 

So what exactly will be the point of commanders? Well, for starters they will be the only ones that can activity interact with the map. This means they can set waypoints, mark areas for 'defend' or 'attack' commands (that the AI will follow), and select individual units to give commands to. They will also be privy to extra information on the map, like being able to see roughly what type of M.A.V. their team mates and enemies have. They will also be able to calculate distances and see impact locations for large caliber weapons, so they will be invaluable at directing large indirect fire support.

This is just the start for now, and not all commander parts will necessarily grant all the benefits that I have listed. The end goal is to create a role that makes a team much more effective than if that role was not filled. 

That is all for this week! See you next time! 

Posted on April 16, 2014

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Another week down! This week I added a Camo system to the paint options, which you can see in the latest stable build (0.5.19) out right now!

Check out this sexy mech:

You can also see that the lighting and overall performance of the garage was greatly improved as well. For some users the frame rate in the garage will be double what it used to be!

There is also the option to use completely custom colors, either in solid colors or in one of the 4 patterns currently available. Already, I have seen quite a few new and interesting mechs out on the battle field!

Also in this update, I fixed some issues within the recoil system. With the code fixes I made in the last update, some players pointed out that not all the weapons and legs felt like they should. A lot of people were having a hard time landing shot groups of more than 3 weapons, and that is not the intended design. I went in and did some balance tweaks (I shot over 1500 sniper rounds during testing!) on the weapons, cockpits, and legs to make sure things still behave as expected.

In case you are not familiar with how the recoil system works, here is a quick break down. There are a few elements that affect a single weapons recoil. They are, weapon kick force, Cockpit aim stability, leg stability, and weapon distance from the pivot. Here is how they work together:

(Weapon Kick force * Distance from Pivot) - Leg Stability = Total Kick Force

Now, once the total kickforce is calculated, the aim stability kicks in. This will spread the recoil over a certain number of updates, from 1-17, essentially smoothing the recoil out.

Now all of this really comes into play when factoring in shot groups as each weapons recoil will impact the accuracy of the next weapon to fire, due to the shot delay (pro tip: The first weapon is never affected by recoil!).  

If all that bored you, maybe this will wake you up!

The M.A.V. Merch Store is Open!

Due to popular requests (and me wanting to get a shirt myself!) I have opened up a shop selling clothing items, stickers, and possibly other awesome stuff! Time to bring M.A.V. out of the computer an into the real world, with an awesome t-shirt! 

Check out the Store Here!

I totally feel a t-shirt design contest in near future, what do you think?

See you next week! 


Posted on April 9, 2014

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Wow, another week has flown by! I swear time is going faster now. Well, on to the updates!

Lets start with this beautiful piece of art! 


That is the final concept art for the remake of No Man's Pass and the basic building blocks and style I will be using when building other icy levels. Next up on the list for getting that level in game is to get the correct models, textures, and shaders to make it happen!

Speaking of updating the game, there is a new snapshot build this week!

This build contains the option of a new style of movement, better fitted to use with controllers. You can enable it in the options menu, under controls. You should go check it out and let me know what you think!


In steam news, the game was officially submitted to Early Access. It's not available quite yet, as I am still working out some details with Steam and my account rep is on vacation right now. Hopefully though, things will happen quickly though!


Going forward this week I will be continuing to focus on the commander update. This is a very large update, so progress has been a bit slower than I like, but it's making progress! I also sent out another batch of level concepts, have some new mech concepts coming in, and have been working like mad fleshing out the back-story and story missions. I currently have 9 story missions, that should be playable in any of the 6 roles, which should give the story a great amount of reliability and variety!

Until next week!

Posted on April 2, 2014

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Welcome to another State of the Game!

This week I put out a snapshot build with a working Steam integration! Even better news, it didn't break anything! :) Because the snapshot build went out ok, I am releasing a new stable version today as well. Down below you will see what all changes are in the new build.


Here is the new garage music by Varien:

You can here this in game already, as you are building your M.A.V.'s. I also have 2 more tracks, but they are not integrated into the game yet, so those will be revealed a little later.


The first concept is for a remake of No Man's Pass, a cold, treacherous map deep in the icy areas of Europa. I have gotten back the first 'ideas board' sketches and will be expecting a final image soon. Check it out:


As you can see, there is a LOT of exciting things going on!

Back to the new stable build. While the primary goal of this build was to get the steam integration 'out in the wild' and be for sure that it didn't mess anything up, there are some significant gameplay changes as well.

I fixed the recoil system. In doing some tuning, I managed to uncover a very deep bug with the way recoil was being calculated, which was just plain mathematically incorrect. I redid the recoil system to fix this, so now the recoil is calculated correctly and consistently.

With the updating of the recoil system, all the weapon recoil needed to be re-tuned. This lead me into retuning quite a few different stats, in fact to many to list out individually! In general, Cannons and Snipers lost some weight, Armor lost a LOT of weight and is much more viable, all weapons got a small health boost, and the generator weight and power curve was smoothed out.

[Full discussion on the message board]

Next week:

In the coming week I plan to dig in deep and start the Commander update going into full swing. This will be a LARGE update that touches many aspects of the game. The end goal is to have Siege mode be a more strategic game mode, with 6 viable roles to take into battle. This will include an in-game map update, more deployable Aux parts, and a lot of multiplayer features and fixes. Until then, check out the message boards and try some multiplayer!


Posted on March 26, 2014

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Wow, it's already State of the Game time? So, I have been super, crazy, busy this week. I suppose it would be best to break it all into categories.


Varien has started on the sound track! I have been in contact with him and we just nailed down 2 songs and have a great start on the 3rd. The first 3 tracks will be,the Garage Theme, the Victory song, and the Defeat song. It was important to me to start with the Garage theme, as it will be the iconic piece the defines the 'sound' of M.A.V.. There is also the very large shadow of the iconic Chomehounds garage loop that both Varien and I knew we would be facing. I am VERY excited about what Varien and I came up with, and I think you will love it. The songs will be available in game very soon.


I have got the first concept out and in the hands of a very capable artist. This is an environment concept, for one of the new levels (it will actually be a replacement for No Man's Pass). The environment is going to be very icy, cold, unforgiving, and perfect place to stomp around in a M.A.V. and blow some stuff up!


Steam integration is coming along great! I have the game up and running with steam (all using a single code base, which is a huge win!) and the steamID acts as the login information (no login screen for steam users). All I need to do now is some backend server work to auto create temp M.A.V. accounts when a steam user first signs in (for stats, achievements, and multiplayer) and then allow steam users to connect their steam account with a previously created M.A.V. account.


I have been doing some bug tracking. Some users are experiencing a crash on the start of the game, which completely prevents them from playing. This bug is my number 1 development priority. It is a tough bug, as I have yet been able to make it happen. I do have a support ticket in with Unity and have been digging at the code and researching anything I possibly can. I have seen similar reports of this bug, both with other unity games and with applications using MonoDevelop (the framework Unity uses). I am hoping I can discover the cause and even if I can't fix it out right, I can at least 'code around it' to avoid the issue.


I have been getting a small, but constant trickle of messages of people getting their codes. While I have sent out all the codes (multiple times) about 30% of them are still unredeemed. So I will keep shouting out : Please message me through kickstarter if you do not have your code!!! :) 


There was a podcast run by RestfulSHADOZ and it was awesome! Check it out on youtube! This coming Saturday I will also be a guest on another cast on youtube. I will post the link in the message board once the time and place is set in stone.


Busy week! Next week should be just as busy, but that is a good thing. I am hoping to get the steam stuff wrapped up and begin 'active' development on the multiplayer features again next week. Until then, happy MAVing!

Posted on March 19, 2014

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